Evewoman : The common checklist for a healthy cookie jar


The common checklist for a healthy cookie jar

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We all struggle to ensure we keep our bodies healthy at all times. The general wellness of our bodies depends on proper health of the different parts that make us whole. As a woman, you have to deal with vaginal wellness at a point in life. It entails good hygiene, protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDIs) and Diseases and proper diet.

Having your cookie jar unhealthy could affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm, all which are undesirable. While they come in different appearances, just like our bodies, there are ways to know if yours is healthy or not and what to do about it.

A healthy vagina should;

Be Free from pain

As one of the most sensitive parts of your body, the vagina reacts fast to aggression from rough intercourse, tight jeans and clothing, harsh cosmetics and such. A healthy cookie jar might once in a while experience and recover from such pains. If however yours is in constant pain, you could be dealing with a labial or viral infection. Persistent pain during and after getting intimate is also a red flag that something is amiss.

Have clear to milky white discharge

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Different times during the ovulation cycle gives you difference in color, odor and sometimes volume of your vaginal discharge. This discharge is often in smear and smudges on your inner clothes and has no or little unpleasant smell. If the color changes to grayish, greenish, yellowish, brownish and increases in volume, you should consult your gynecologist.

Be Free from persistence itching

Since there are plenty of healthy bacteria in your vulva, it's completely normal and healthy to feel a random ease to ignore itch in your lady parts. However, sometimes the wrong unhealthy bacteria may overwhelm the good bacteria causing a persistent itch. Other times, you could be having an STI or a yeast infection which will give you a long lasting uncomfortable itch.

Be Odorless

Your cookie jar will have a slight unpleasant odor from the normal discharge and so different people will have different odors, depending on their natural body odors. Normal vaginal odor goes from musky, fleshy to metallic throughout your cycle. If however you notice a strong persistence odor, usually fishy or yeasty, you may need to watch out for infections or such.

Be Free from lumps

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Pimples, bumps and acne around your lady pats is a huge sign that things are not alright. For starters, it could indicate that you’ve let dirty bacterial from hair follicles and sweat glands build up to form unhealthy bumps. Alternatively, appearance of these bumps could be assign of genital warts and herpes which needs fast medical attention.

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