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Photos: Kenya’s super stylish mother of four who is giving everyone bikini body goals

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When it comes to beauty, brains and slaying, Kenyan YouTuber and luxury blogger Sonal Maherali is top on the list.

The gorgeous mother of four has set standards so high with her lavish style, fashionable taste, designer wears, expensive trips, and a stunning body to die for.

With her out of this world taste for fashion, Sonal, who has received recognition from renowned international designers and entrepreneurs, possess a remarkable hunger for luxury and sturdy designer wear.

The 38-year-old Kenyan-born Indian beauty queen keeps many of her fans and followers drawn in with constant updates through pictures and videos. What keeps many of her fans euphoric is her killer twenty-something-year old body and her expensive collection of footwear.

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The beauty who balances between being a wife, a mother and a fashion blogger once made local news after getting herself a Kshs 1.6 million Hermes handbag. She treats her many followers to pictures of her trips across the world where she has visited different romantic destinations like Paris, Spain and the US.

Not your regular fashionista, Sonal keeps it real by only shopping for authentic stuff at high end store, earning her a chance to meet huge designer names like Christian Louboutin and Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy classic. The beautiful mother owes her big name to her hard work as she has learnt how to hit 40k subscribers without endorsements from local celebrities.

While Sonal may showcase her expensive designer attire and cute pairs of expensive shoes, it’s her perfect bikini body that says it all.

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