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Epilepsy Awareness: Beuchi’s 480Km Walk for Epilepsy Awareness Kenya

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Epilepsy was chosen as the focus of World Brain Day 2015, not only because of its prevalence across the world and related misunderstandings of the condition, but also due to the adoption of a new resolution entitled “Global burden of epilepsy and the need for coordinated actions at the country level to address its health, social and public knowledge implications” by the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) earlier that year.

The resolution is a call for action from member countries and stakeholders to strengthen their efforts in providing care for people with epilepsy and highlights the need for governments to formulate, strengthen and implement national policies and legislation to promote and protect the rights of people with epilepsy. In low- and middle-income settings, strategies to improve access to, and affordability of, antiepileptic medicines is highlighted as being a priority.

With regards to the importance of this matter which now is a concern to the world, Fredrick Beuchi an Epilepsy Activist with National Epilepsy Coordination Committee (NECC) Kenya, has organized and will be participating in a walk to raise awareness about the condition in Kenya.

The walk will be from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya to Mombasa, The event was flagged off on the 30th July 2018, in the presence of NECC officials, partners and stakeholders in the health sector. It will take approximately 10-12 days to cover the 480km distance between the two major cities. The objective of the walk is to set pace for NECC’s mission of spreading awareness in all Counties within the country, and for the County governments to embrace the campaigns initiated to propel them further in reaching many who are affected with the condition directly or indirectly.

During the walk significant stops will be made in different towns to share the message of what Epilepsy is all about and encourage members of community to shun stigma, misconception and myths that have for a long time been associated with the condition. We hope this to be the beginning of addressing the burden of Epilepsy knowledge gap that has been there for a long time.

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