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Men Only: Betty Kyalo and Anerlisa Muigai Insta clips that got us wanting more

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A beauty, in her own right, Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai decided to give netizens a treat with a catwalk in a black see-through outfit. With an hourglass figure warranting envy from all, her attire admirably brought out the goddess in her.

The off shoulder jumpsuit does not disappoint, brilliantly magnifying and narrowing attention to her cleavage. Her waist gently pivoting her hips as she swings around moving slowly towards the camera, and then back to give us that rear view:

As Anerlisa lit social media from Nairobi, another queen was rocking the waves down at the coast. Enticing her Instagram community with a video in a tiny leso covering her swim suit, Betty Kyalo shared her sunshine with us as she enjoyed vacationing in Mombasa.

The leso occasionally gives in to the wild breeze exposing her blue swimsuit. Glowing as she flaunts herself, Betty got all of us replaying the video admiring her as she spins while getting down to the beat:


Heaven sent ????

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