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Photos: Meet the woman that is Paul Pogba’s greatest source of inspiration, his ‘Supermom’

Pogba and mother

Though the world cup is over, the fever is yet to go down. We are still excited and discussing the results especially the final’s results. While France great performance to win the coveted World Cup is attributed to the Les Bleus team work, we cannot ignore Paul Pogba’s prowess in the match.  The Manchester United’s midfielder stole the show even during the World cup’s celebration when he danced with his mother and elder brothers.

But just who is Paul Pogba’s mother? Yeo Moriba has proved to be a super mom by bringing up her three sons single-handedly after she separated from her husband Fassou Antoine Pogba, in 1996. Yeo raised her three boys alone on France's toughest council estate but gladly they all turned into something. Paul Pogba’s elder twin brothers, Mathias and Florentin, are also professional footballers.

Paul Pogba has in the past admitted that his mother is his greatest source of inspiration. During an interview with Esquire. in 2017, the France player said his mother is his first girlfriend.

Here are photos that show the two share a strong bond:

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