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These are the nasty things that happen in the belly button

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Have you ever caught a whiff or something unpleasant and thought "what is that?" - but not been able to place it? Well, the problem may be you or rather, your belly button.

You have probably not given the belly button much thought because the bacteria produced from sweat, dead skin or dirt can be left to grow in folds of skin.

Not only does this translate into a bad smell, but it can also cause a nasty infection.

According to The Sun, if your personal hygiene is not good, one can be faced with an unpleasant combination of redness, itching and swelling. This will need you to take antibiotics.

The best way to avoid the nastiness is to wash the bellybutton daily and dry it carefully.

Candida is usually found in the armpits, groin or belly button, with skin turning red and scaly. Left untreated and in its most severe form, blisters, fluid or pus will form.

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An infected bully button could also lead to cysts. When cysts erupt, pus emerges which won't help the smell.

Those who have a belly button piercing or are overweight are at increased risk of getting infections because it's more difficult to clean.

However by washing and drying your belly button, you could save yourself a world of pain.

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