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8 reasons why you don’t get along with your siblings


Siblings can be friends for life or sworn enemies despite sharing DNA. At one point, you will fall out with your sibling. This is normal because we are all different and express ourselves, views and beliefs in a certain manner that may rub your sister or brother wrongly resulting in conflict. But this does not mean that siblings hate each other. Quite the contrary in most cases.

Here are some of the reasons you and your sister/brother don’t get along

Age difference

Most of us don’t get along with our siblings due to the age difference between us. If the difference is big the younger ones tend to feel left out, this brings about misunderstanding and constant arguments.


This brings a lot of tension and disagreements especially when parents treat one child as the favorite one. The others feel unloved and it can bring about hatred causing sibling rivalry.

You can’t talk to them

If you can’t talk to your sibling without feeling judged or put down, something is missing. Some tend to look down on you and your situation without taking time to hear or understand. Most communication channels are broken and they only pretend to listen to you around the presence of others.

Superiority complex

This commonly applies to first-born siblings who are born natural leaders. They tend to treat the younger siblings differently and being older they act like the parents. They feel the need to enforce rules and their ways on their younger brothers and sisters without question.

Try to ruin your relationships with other family members

This is the main reason why siblings don’t get along. When your sibling starts causing drama and tension by trying to come between you and your parents or other family members, then it’s time to cut ties.

Difference in personality

We all have different personalities and this could be the reason for the tension. If for instance, you have different ways of communicating, this could lead to silly petty fights and baseless allegations that only draw the spanner deeper into the works.

You’re always competing

Siblings don’t also get along due to competing for their parent's love, attention, and approval. They try so hard to please their family and make them proud at whatever cost so long as they beat their brother or sister. The only people they compete within the whole world is their sibling. The competition is tough and rough with no true winners.


They are selfish

This is another reason why siblings don’t get along. There is always that one sibling who doesn’t step up when a need arises despite being in a position to assist. It creates animosity and bitterness especially when they are told off.

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