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Things you should never sacrifice for a relationship

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Falling in love is a good thing. We all like to know that someone somewhere loves and cares for us. It is even sweeter when you are in love with the right person. However, love comes with some demands we may be forced to sacrifice a few things in order to accommodate our partners in our lives. That is okay but there are some things you should never sacrifice for a relationship.

Here are some of them:

Your happiness

Your partner should add to your happiness and not take it away. If you find that you are giving up your happiness in order to be with someone, then you ought to reevaluate that relationship. Find out what positivity the relationship is bringing if you have to give up your happiness. You should find that one person who adds positive energy to your life and adds happiness into your life not taking it away.

Family and friends

Being in a love relationship with someone should not lead you to cutting off family and friends. It is important that your partner knows that there are other people that matter to you and that you have to create time for them. Your friendships and family ties should not suffer just because you are romantically involved with someone.

Your beliefs

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Never ever give up your beliefs for the sake of your relationship. Just in case you have different beliefs with your partner, they should be ready to accept your diversity with no qualms. That is what relationships are about. Not trying to change someone to something that they are not. Your relationship should never compromise your beliefs.

Your dreams

Your partner should be your cheer leader. They should always encourage you to achieve your dreams. It does not matter if they believe in the same things as you do but a perfect relationship is about encouraging and helping each other achieve what they believe in. therefore, if you have to forego your dreams to be with someone, then you are on the wrong track.

Your personality

Your personality is what defines you. It is what/who you are. If you have to become something else that you aren’t, then that relationship isn’t good for you. A partner should be someone who makes you feel free and comfortable around them. This in turn, should help you be the realest around them. Don’t be with someone whom you can’t be yourself or who tries to change your personality. It only means they do not love you for who you are.

A relationship should bring the best in you and also make you a better person. Giving up the above things to be a relationship will do you more harm than good. Your relationship may not even last because you stop being you just to please another being.

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