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Be that chic! 6 ways you can rock in a kimono

Inspired by traditional Japanese robes, kimonos will give any outfit a cool, bohemian chic vibe.

They are light and airy, making them perfect for warmer weather but will adequately keep you warm in chilly weather or when you just want something on your shoulders.

They come in all sorts of beautiful patterns, and can be worn with absolutely anything in your closet!

1. Wangari Mathenge:, E-mail: [email protected]; Facebook: wangarimathenge; Instagram: @wangarimathenge


2. Backyard Shoez: F51, Jamia Mall, Kigali Road, Nairobi; Adlife Plaza, Chania Avenue and Ringroad, Kilimani, Nairobi.

3. Dee Machoka Accessories: FB: Dee Machoka; Instagram: @deemachoka_accessories

4. Chéché Couture:; instagram: @Checheccouture, facebook:Chéché Couture

5. Tru Collections, Second floor, Yala Towers, Biashara Street, Nairobi; Instagram: @tru_collections, Facebook : Tru- Collections

6. Afrikan Swaggy By Aggy: E-mail: [email protected]; Facebook: AfrikanSwaggy by Aggy Instagram: @African_swaggy_by aggy

7. Enkaya Designs: E-mail: [email protected]; Facebook: Enkaya Designs; Instagram: @enkayadesigns

8. Morris En Clad: F48 and F49, Jamia Shopping Mall, Kigali Road, Nairobi

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