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The bedtime habit health experts wish women would take up - for the sake of their vaginas

In addition to taking off our make-up and brushing our teeth, this is something worth incorporating

Everyone has a bedtime routine, that time of the day when we wash the last 24 hours off our face, brush our teeth and settle down.

In addition to the importance of winding down and brushing our teeth, the ladies among us need to pay special attention.

Not only is it imperative that we do a good job of removing our make-up , but there's one more step we should make an effort to take.

According to health experts, what we wear (or not, as the case may be) to bed is impacting our health 'down there'.

Yes, regardless of what the weather is doing outside, or even if you're literally crashing after a long night, you should not be wearing underwear in bed.

The importance of going commando

Even if it's not something you feel comfortable with, as Nancy Herta, M.D., an ob-gyn at Michigan State University told Glamour , if you're prone to vaginal issues, you should reconsider.

"Between discharge and sweat, things tend to get moist down there, and underwear can trap that moisture, creating a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Dr Herta explained, "Allowing that area to get some air helps to keep it dry and clean" also telling the site how the vagina takes better care of itself with some "breathing room".

Make sure they're cotton if you must wear them

So, instead of tightly-fitted knickers, cotton pyjamas would work better - and make sure they're loose-fitting too.

And if the idea of going commando REALLY doesn't agree with you Dr Herta suggests "loose-fitting cotton underwear, which can help absorb some of the moisture instead of keeping it right against you, like silk or lace does."

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