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The stereotypes that ‘kill’ us: Men enjoy the situation with your woman and stop these nonsense

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There is this cloud over sexual relationships that is "catching feelings". You see, as much as we'd all like to just have simple flings and move on from them without glitches, we just can't help let the human side of us take control get us into some messy situations where feelings are involved and everything is ruined.

We get to hear about how the girl caught feelings after he hit it a few times or how she always had a thing for him or how she misread him, and the guy is always the good guy, the girl just happened to misread or misunderstand him.

We rarely get to hear how HE caught feelings or misunderstood the girl, and on the occassions that we do, SHE is the one in the wrong, she is the one who led him on, she is the thot, slut and the one who has commitment issues.

That is what I do not understand, how exactly does it work but that's one debate topic that never gets a conclusion, I just think guys cannot own up to if a girl gets hurt, but are more than happy to point fingers when the tables are turned, BUT, I digress.

What I would like to Highlight are the stereotypes that put a giant neon beacon that says "YOU BETTER CATCH FEELINGS" in a girls mind.

A guy I met politely pointed out that " A girl cannot handle 5 or more hookups without getting attached" I never knew there was an actual limit, Like how do you even scale it, how do you end up with the number five, like how many times did the guy who came up with the number have hookups that ended up that way??

What I do know is that girls are different, some of us catch feelings after the first time, others after two, three, four, five times and some of us just don't catch feelings at all, we are all different, so my conclusion for this guy who said this to me is that maybe thats just HIS type, he's just attracted to that type of girl.

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Then there's, "It's never just sex for girls." UHM,( creepy staring eyes emoji), So because I am a girl, I simply cannot want you for sex, maybe?. Sometimes, we girls literally just want the physical stuff, we don't always want all the extras, yeah sometimes.

And the many others that state how we girls want your phonecalls after a one night stand or cuddling, even your presence the day after, I mean sometimes we do and in our own way expect you to guess what situation we want from you, but sometimes we don't , sometimes we've probably already moved on.

My point is, instead of stereotyping every girl who is interested in you, why not give yourself the chance to enjoy every new "situationship" you get yourself into, after all, where's the fun in assuming every girl is the same and expecting the same old stuff, it gets old and boring.

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