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I initiate most dates, am I being too pushy?

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Hi Roxanne

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I have been seeing this guy for awhile and I really like him. The problem is that I am always the one making suggestions or arranging for us to spend time together. I am also the one who texts and calls first. Although he seems to enjoy spending time with me, sometimes it feels like he is just not interested. Kindly advise. Karen

Your gut feeling could be right and e is simply not interested. The other possibility is that you have denied him the thrill of the chase and he is comfortable tagging along in the ride.

You need to let him take the reins in the relationship. The foolproof way of knowing for sure what is going on is to stop everything you have been doing.

Stop initiating dates. Stop texting and calling him first. If he cares, he will pick up the cue and will start to take some initiative. If he is still slacking, then he was never interested in a serious relationship. It is time to move on.

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