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How to focus your way into the New Year

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It is almost January. The combination of tropical sun and the holiday’s memories will be a sure fire platform for distraction. The first few weeks of the year might be the hardest times to overcome productivity blocks. When you add in social media like Facebook and Instagram, it seems like sharing and looking at  pictures are a better alternative to working.

But my belief is that we should start as we mean to go along, which means the more success we have with conquering distractions at the most difficult times, the easier developing these habits becomes.


Say you have an important project coming up. You demand perfection of yourself in this project because it feels like this is your defining moment. Why, then, are you unable to begin or to focus on the project? Experts say that the higher the stakes in the project, the higher the chances that you will procrastinate.

Putting off this project is also a way of putting off the chances of failing. Look at your to-do list for items that keep being rolled over to the next day and evaluate if this could be the psychology behind your move. The mere act of knowing the WHY behind procrastinating will put you a step closer to getting started.


Do you find that every day your to-do list gets longer and longer? Then you could be suffering from a guilt list, which is overloading your list with everything that you should be doing, even those you cannot reasonably get to. When an item stays on your list for more than 3 days, evaluate whether it really needs your attention or if you can offload it. If the former, then make a concerted effort to deal with it and get it out.


Not the marvel it was once thought to be, multitasking has been proven to be much more detrimental than single tasking. It takes between 7 and 15 minutes to get into a prior stage of concentration on one task, so imagine how handling 3 different tasks in a 30 minute chunk of time will go. Focus on one task for a specific period of time before you switch to the next.

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