Evewoman : How to rock the Hijab in a beautiful Jump-dress

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How to rock the Hijab in a beautiful Jump-dress

Amina in her custom made Jump-Dress       Photo: Shiningonemedia

Fashion is a breathe of concocted cultures, liberty of mind and the simple basic reason to feel comfortable in an outfit.

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 On todays Wednesday Wardrobe we change our lane and step into a world of Hijab.  There’s only one Hijab, but as I recently learnt, you can hype the look to blend it into your style of fashion but still maintain decency. 

Our trendy fashion is inspired by Amina: Your hijab is not a trend, its forever; it’s your protection from harm and a personal relationship with Allah… She writes on her blog.

Check out her style as she rocks on what she calls the  jump-dress

Adding a little taste with black leather bag    Photo:Shiningonmedia


Jump dress- Custom made by Amina
Photography by @shiningonemedia


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