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Exercise your way out of workplace stress

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Exercise your way out of workplace stress

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Conflicting job expectations, excessive workload demands and lack of clear direction can cause stress at work. If you look at it closely, not all stress is bad because somehow, it pushes us to fully maximize our potential and performance at work instead of just being safe - doing just enough to get by. It also helps us learn how to maintain our mental and physical health.

Low morale and productivity, frustration, negativism, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, boredom, absenteeism, depression, apathy, headaches, stomach problems and general poor health are red flags.

Apart from getting rest and making healthier decisions, one way to combat workplace stress is to exercise and make better lifestyle choices. Here are a few tips.

Burn off some steam. A good workout can do wonders to your psyche and physic. A nice exercise for about 40 minutes to an hour often can help boost your energy, elevate your mood and help you feel better in the long run. Some of the effective exercises you can try are cardio sessions like aerobic classes, cardio machine workouts like running on the treadmill, outdoor jogging, running and swimming. By the time you are done with all these, your body shifts to relaxing mode and that is where your healing process really starts.

Get some time to unwind. Take a break or some time away from work just to relax. You need a clear mind to function accordingly and working under duress or stress won’t solve anything. Go get some nice therapy like holistic massage or yoga. Take some days off and visit a quiet location. By the time you are back, you will be good to go.

Laugh and laugh more. Laughing only activates your feel good hormones (endorphins) boosting your immune system. Maintain a positive attitude and make sure you find humor in every situation. Join a group that practices laughter meditation or laughter yoga, like the Laughter Yoga Club of Kenya.

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