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Interview tips: 5 key points to help mature jobseekers prepare


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Interview tips
Ideal interview tips

The jobs market may be picking up but skilled people of all ages are still finding it difficult to find work.

Thinking positively is essential, especially for older workers.

Don’t focus on your age as the factor that is holding you back – concentrate instead on what is going to push you forward.

“Experienced” or “older” isn’t a negative when it refers to your expertise or level rather than your age.

More than ever, it’s about picking the right jobs – the ones you can get – and presenting your benefits to the employer, not just features of your employment history.

We’ve teamed up with our brilliant website Fish4jobs to bring you some top interview tips for mature job seekers:

1. Use your experience to your advantage - Emphasize that your experience means you will hit the ground running and won’t need lots of training and hand holding.

2. Focus on recent achievements - When asked to “describe a time when...”, make sure that time is recent, rather than an example from years ago.

3. Emphasize your ability to learn new skills - Prepare examples of how you’ve picked up new skills quickly, be it in the work environment or outside of it, and your ability to adapt to new situations and technologies.

4. Ability to be managed - Make it clear you’re happy to accept authority from all ages – don’t let young managers feel intimidated by your age and experience.

5. Avoid mentioning things that will reveal your age - Don’t focus on your grandchildren or anything else that might reveal your age. Try and keep things as recent as possible so you keep the interview focused on the now and present, rather than too far in the past.


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