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What breastfeeding does to a woman’s breasts

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Breastfeeding is a process that starts during pregnancy and causes hormonal, metabolic, structural and mental changes in your body. Even though there are mothers who do not breastfeed due circumstances or by choice,they still feel impact after pregnancy.

While some women don’t experience much change, the most common is that after inflating and deflating, baby sucking, nipples infection and mastitis, the breasts are never the same, especially after having more than one child.

Watch out these changes:

  1. Breast milk leakage

Even if the baby stops breastfeeding, it can take months for your milk supply to completely dry up. During this time, it is completely normal to tingling sensations and shooting pains.

  1. Lighter and smaller nipples

Sorry, you can’t expect your nipples to return to their original color and size after breastfeeding, they become lighter, smaller and don’t be surprised if extra veins appear or disappear, stretch marks may come into view too.

  1. Hanging breast skin

Producing breast milk increases the breast size and can cause the breast skin to stretch. This is very common because after you finish breastfeeding the breast become less dense giving it a saggy look.

  1. Shrinking boobs

This is one of the things mothers notice the most when the breastfeeding process is ending. Most ladies' breasts shrink and become smaller than before they got pregnant. This however is not always the case.

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  1. Breast lumps

Don’t freak out if you feel lumps in your breast while breastfeeding! When the milk is drying up lumps can temporarily appear and it is completely normal, especially if you stopped breastfeeding abruptly.

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