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Fiery feud: Murugi Munyi responds to Huddah Monroe's body shaming insults

 Murugi Munyi responds to Huddah's insults 

On Tuesday morning, content creator and podcaster Murugi Munyi responded to socialite Huddah Monroe's online rant. The cosmetics entrepreneur accused the influencer of jealousy following her recent review of Huddah's newly launched skincare line.

Speaking on Instagram, Murugi, who was subjected to body shaming by the Huddah Cosmetics founder, encouraged other women to love their bodies regardless of their size or other people's opinion.

"I know there is a lot happening online right now but I am here to tell you something, whether you are plus size, whether you are small, whether you are in between, your worth is not determined by your body," she said.

"To whoever is out there shaming fat women, I want you to know that you are beautiful, I want you to know that you are loved and whatever it is that is in you that is making you feel that you need to insult someone who doesn't look like you… I hope that that resolves because that is an ugly and horrible way to go through life," she added.

The heated social media brawl began after Murugi Munyi received the new cosmetic PR package and decided to review it.

The influencer shared her opinion and began by likening the Probiotics anti-aging kit packaging to a success card. She then pointed out the red flags she had noticed with the products' ingredients explaining that all the products had the exact wordings, unlike other brands she had used before.

"One thing that feels like a red flag is, I don't know if it is a red flag or it is just the nature of the manufacturing is that all the products are written the same thing," she said.

Huddah first responded to her sentiments in a series of Instagram stories and thanked her for taking her time to review her company's products. However, she disagreed with the YouTuber's way of review, explaining that she bashed her products without even trying them out.

"Thanks Murugi for posting about the PR package we sent you but how's what's written about the product a red flag? Try products and give honest feedback because they work 100%.

"All my products do what they say they do and we give 100! Money back guaranteed if they don't. These influencers think they make us wealthy. If they did, why not open up a business? We only use your image, you don't give us sales," wrote Huddah.

In response, Murugi claimed to have taken offense over Huddah's statements, saying she had been using and promoting other Huddah Cosmetics products and did not understand why the businesswoman attacked her.

The duo's feud quickly took a turn for the worst as Huddah resorted to hurling unprintable insults at Murugi.

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