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Why experts want Haiti gang leaders to be involved in interim power-sharing negotiations

Gang violence in Port au’ Prince continues spiraling out of control, with reports now indicating that the outlaws are controlling almost everything in the Haitian capital city.
By Biketi Kikechi 2024-04-08 11:40:00
According to Rwanda, hundreds of genocide suspects remain at large, including in neighbouring nations such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.
By AFP 2024-04-07 17:08:05
Between now and September, a massive explosion 3,000 light years from Earth will flare up in the night sky, giving amateur astronomers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness this space oddity.
By AFP 2024-04-06 05:41:24
The United Nations raised alarms over the alarming global uptick in incidents where humanitarian aid for children is being obstructed, warning of dire consequences.
By Xinhua 2024-04-04 08:30:00
Children are being denied access to lifesaving humanitarian assistance in conflict zones around the world in a blatant disregard for international law.
By VOA 2024-04-04 08:00:00
United Nations says gang violence has killed more than 1,500 people in Haiti.
By VOA 2024-03-29 14:51:39
Islamic banking is based on Islamic principles where it is not allowed to pay and receive interest but rather it is based on profit sharing.
By Jibril Hassan 2024-03-29 12:20:00
U.S. government changes how it classifies people by race and ethnicity in a bid to officially count people who identify as Hispanic or of Middle Eastern and North African heritage.
By VOA 2024-03-29 12:06:18
Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun will step down from the embattled plane maker at the end of the year
By VOA 2024-03-25 22:14:36
Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong resigns after a year in office, state media reports; government says he violated party rules, which negatively impacted public opinion.
By VOA 2024-03-20 16:41:44
The number of children worldwide who died before age 5 reached a record low in 2022, the United Nations said in a report published Tuesday, as for the first time fewer than 5 million died.
By VOA 2024-03-13 12:54:00
Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigns amid the escalation of violence in the capital, Port-au-Prince, regional leaders say; he held the post since 2021.
By Betty Njeru And Agencies 2024-03-12 15:20:00