Free cancer drive for Mpeketoni residents

Department of Medical Services has organised a three-day free breast and cervical cancer screening at Mpeketoni sub-county hospital.

The screening led by the hospital's general surgeon Danson Makanga is aimed at detecting and treating cancer at an early stage.

Dr Makanga said fear and stigma have made many women distance themselves from going for screening.

"We are offering free breast and cervical cancer screening from October 29-31 as a way of sensitising women on the importance of early screening," said Makanga.

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Cancer cases are on the rise in the county and health officials have cited fear as the reason many residents do not go for screening.

Mary Kimani, a nurse, said five out of 10 women who volunteered for screening tested positive for stage four cervical cancer. Records show Mpeketoni sub-county alone has over 100 cancer patients on chemotherapy.

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