Hope as new male's birth control pill deemed safe

Hope as new male's birth control pill deemed safe. Photo: Courtesy.
A survey published in the US, in January 2019, found that nearly 40 per cent of men anticipates the long-term but reversible form of contraception, with the daily pill, most preferred.

With men producing 1500 sperm per second, it has proven to be an uphill task to come with birth control contraceptives for men.

Despite women having achieved a bigger milestone, relative reports are rife of mild effects affecting their hormonal imbalance, perhaps painting a picture of the need to have a slow but safe process of seeking males birth control measures.

However, a ray of hope for men seeking birth control measures could be on the horizon as researchers have guaranteed safety of the new form of birth control pill.

New pill

The oral pill developed by researchers, at Los Angeles Biomed Research Institute and the University of Washington, safely reduces the hormones needed for sperm production without reducing their sexual desires.

The new pill, 11-beta-MNTDC is modified with the synthetic form of testosterone that works on male hormones, called androgens which produces testosterone, and the female hormones progesterone which facilitates pregnancy.

The innovation behind 11-beta-MNTDC is to stop sperm production in the testes but maintaining normal testosterone level in the rest of the body.


In a practical test carried on 40 men, who took a daily dose of 200 or 400 mg with food for 28 days, proved capable of reducing hormone production to the level of a man who is androgen deficient.

The study also had its fair share of mild effects with some experiencing fatigue, headaches or acne. It was also revealed that five men acknowledged a lower level of libido but maintained their sexual aliveness.

Contrary to the significant fall of hormones researches said it will have to take 60-90 days for sperm count itself to decrease. In what was deemed as a major milestone, the researcher revealed that the drug had successfully hampered the hormones involved in the production of testosterone.

Despite the fact that male contraceptives are a long waited innovation, it doesn't mean that the new form of birth control will be available for prescription in hospitals and pharmacies. Researchers remain certain that it is a decade long wait for the male contraceptive to be readily available.

Previous attempts to develop men’s contraception has been marred with a myriad of challenges. With the trial injection found to be 100 per cent effective was stopped in 2016 owing to its severe side effects. The New Scientist reported at the time that men complained of depression and pain with one person reportedly developing an irregular heart rate.

It is worth noting that researcher from Los Angeles Biomed and the University of Washington haven't said the drug is now ready to start working since the next stages of drug approval are yet to be finalised and are anticipated to take 2-3 years. The bottom line of the research remains the drug it is safe and its effects are promising.

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