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What do you do when a married neighbour is hitting on you

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Today, I have a confession. My holier-than-thou married neighbor is unashamedly hitting on me. This unbecoming behavior has been going on for a few months now. It started so innocently and casually, I never imagined it would deteriorate to such a disgusting clandestine agenda.

So it was one drizzling Monday morning and I was heading to work. As I hurried past the gate under my brolly, there was this car that kept hooting. I normally do not bother with hooters, but after the persistence, I looked to see who this persistent character was.

“Hey Jirani, pop in, I’m headed to town,” he shouted as he pulled over on the pavement next to me. Because the rains were unrelenting and I imagined traffic would be crazy, I jumped in.

As we he drove to town, we discussed everything from the estate Nyumba Kumi that was not working to the gate men sloppy in their work to Kidero and his irritating cameras.

By the time we got to town, the rain had subsided. There was nothing unusual to sell him out as I expressed my thank yous and jumped off the car. He seemed like that nice neighbor. We met again a month later at the estate supermarket. That is when the hyena in him manifested in its ugliness.

“Hey beautiful,” he greeted me cheekily as I was busy comparing prices of various salad oils.

“Hey Jirani, morning,” I said awkwardly and pretended to be very engrossed with reading the labels.

“By the way, what are you doing next Sato; I have tickets for a golf match somewhere cool and cozy. We can get to know each other...,” he tried to sell to me an idea that sounded so evil, I cringed.

I was so confused and disoriented; I could not imagine that Mr. Jirani was hitting on me. For goodness sake he is married with three kids and his wife is a friend? I did not even answer him. I gave him one look of disgust and melted between the shelves.

Guess what? Even with that strong ‘keep off’ message, the dude has not stopped his evil ways. The other morning he was driving to work and when he spotted me, he pulled over. But this time round, knowing very well his destructive agenda, I did not give him a chance.

Nowadays when I spot or smell him anywhere, I duck because I know he has an evil mission. Unlike my married friends who can entertain the idea, I cannot fathom breaking my marital vows.

I have already told my husband about the man’s advances and he was so worked up he wanted to confront him. But I pleaded with him to hold his peace. My big worry now is if I should tell his wife? What if she accuses me of seducing her husband?

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