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How you can take care of your skin without using skincare products

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 Most original skincare products are out of our budgets (Photo: Courtesy)

It is every woman’s dream to have healthy glowing skin. And the pressure tends to mount as you grow older.

With that, the need to protect our skin grows and most ladies tend to spend lots of money on skincare products to reduce the chances of their skin getting rough and dry.

Having the best skincare products is pretty amazing, however, these products can be very expensive not to mention how hard it is to find what works for your skin.

That being said, we look at ways you can take care of your skin without necessarily relying on skincare products:

Limit the time you spend in the sun

The sun is the number one natural element that will damage your skin. If you must leave the house, always put on some sunscreen but since this may not be an option limit the amount of time you spend outside.

The sun contains ultra violet rays that can burn the skin reducing its elasticity and will likely promote premature aging.

 Ensure you limit the amount of time you spend outdoors in the sun (Photo: Courtesy)
Wash your pillow regularly

Not only should you wash your pillows and sheets regularly but you should also use silk pillows. Cotton is good but it is more absorbent and likely to store dirt that will get absorbed into your skin.

Silk material lets your face slide and is less absorbent of dirt and sweat. Also, silk sheets are likely to reduce wrinkles unlike normal cotton pillows that don’t let your face slide through.

Reduce your sugar intake

If you love sugar, then this might be the time to change your diet. Sugar ages you more than any food because it damages your skin through a process called glycation.

Once sugar gets into your bloodstream it attached to proteins producing harmful free radicals that damage your skin. The more sugar you eat the more these harmful free radicals develop.

 Water helps your skin stay hydrated, young and healthy (Photo: Courtesy)
Find effective ways of managing stress

Our body cells contain telomeres that are attached to chromosomes and the shorter the telomeres the faster your body cells die and chronic stress speeds the process.

Once your body cells are damaged, your face is likely to look older doubled by the fact that your stress may not be allowing you to sleep enough. Find a way of releasing all the pressure and reducing stress.

Drink water

Yes, this may seem like a cliché but taking enough water per day actually helps your skin stay young and healthy.

Your body stores a lot of toxins that are likely to age your skin faster and the easiest and fastest way to flush out toxins from your body is through drinking water. Always ensure you take your eight of water every day.

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