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How to deal with jawline acne

Do you have stubborn acne that seems focused on your chin and jawline? You are not alone, here is how you can deal with it
By Pauline Muindi Apr. 2, 2022
With this sunny weather most of us are suffering from hyperpigmentation if not sunburns and that’s why you get sunscreen immediately
By Pauline Muindi Mar. 23, 2022
Adding antioxidants into your skincare routine is easy. But you may not know which antioxidant to go for and which additional ingredients are best
By Pauline Muindi Mar. 21, 2022
You can slow down the ageing process by following a consistent skincare programme and making lifestyle changes
By Pauline Muindi Mar. 5, 2022
Made from the kernels of argan trees, argan oil is one of the most wonderful natural oils you can incorporate into your skincare and haircare routines
By Pauline Muindi Mar. 2, 2022
Your skin is the largest and possibly most underappreciated organ in your body. That alone should be reason enough for you to pamper it occasionally
By Pauline Muindi Feb. 23, 2022
There are plenty of skincare products and companies all preaching the same message but one thing you need for sure is vitamin C
By Esther Muchene Feb. 18, 2022
It is every woman’s dream to have healthy glowing skin. But some of these beauty trends are almost impossible to follow if not expensive
By Lolita Bunde Feb. 17, 2022
Your skin, the body's largest organ, is sensitive and needs deliberate care. We find out what causes itchiness and how to reverse it
By Pauline Muindi Feb. 16, 2022
Aside from making you uncomfortable to put on sandals sometimes cracked heels can get sore if it goes untreated
By Esther Muchene Feb. 15, 2022
Stretch marks can affect people of all ages, male or female and even though it is normal here is how you can make them less noticeable
By Pauline Muindi Feb. 8, 2022
When you first see an armpit lump you go into panic mode wondering what caused it and probably ways of getting rid of it fast
By Esther Muchene Feb. 4, 2022