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Five people you should never date

 People you should never date (Photo: iStock)

Relationships are beautiful when you meet the right person. The negativity surrounding relationships these days can discourage one from enjoying the dating process but that doesn’t mean there is no hope.

As you meet new people though, you have to be extra careful about your boundaries. You first need to know who you are and appreciate yourself for you to see the red flags.

The sad truth is that there are many people out there who aren’t ready for relationships and those are exactly the people you need to run away from very fast.

You will save time and avoid a whole lot of stress by steering clear of these types of daters:

The one who doesn’t like labels

This is the type of person who will never make you feel secure. At first, it might seem really fun and different not to put labels on anything but really, the only one who is getting played is you.

This never works out because you will be caught up in seeing how it goes until you realize that the relationship wasn’t actually going anywhere. Only deal with people who are sure they are looking for a solid relationship and not someone who is emotionally experimenting with you while reaping the benefits of a relationship.

The one who is self-absorbed

We are living in times when people are becoming more self-absorbed than ever. As a result, this selfish entitlement has affected the dating game where more and more people are constantly approaching it with the ‘what can you do for me’ mindset.

A self-absorbed person will constantly take and only give you the bare minimum when a healthy relationship is about effort from both sides. If these are the people you go for, you need to take a break from dating first and work on your self-esteem.

The one who is obsessed with you

There is a very big difference between deep love and obsession. While love is about genuine selflessness, obsession is rooted in selfishness.

Someone who is obsessed with you will eventually control you, which is also sometimes a sign of mental health problems. If for example a person even jokingly says they can kill themselves for you, it’s a sign of obsessive toxicity.

The secretive dater

Granted, not all couples want to have their private lives plastered all over for everyone to see. But you will definitely know there is a problem if it seems like one person is suspiciously being secretive.

Don’t ignore the signs if someone never wants to do even basic things like introducing you to their friends and family because they could be hiding a huge secret-like a family or children for instance.

The critic

When someone constantly criticizes you, they’re secretly telling you they don’t like you. They might try their best to hide it and even date you but eventually, the truth will come out.

So, it’s better to avoid these people and let them work on their issues because you don’t want to be criticized for how you dress, how you breathe and basically the things that make you, you. Preserve your self-confidence by avoiding critical daters.

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