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This is why some men prefer mean women

 Image: Shutterstock

This topic may sound contradictory to some people, but why do some men gravitate towards mean women? Why will some men put up with a woman who acts like she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed each and every morning, but will mistreat and take for granted a kind hearted, understanding woman?

I recently had this conversation with a few male friends and they didn’t have a direct answer as to why they are more likely to be drawn to a mean woman rather than a kind woman.

American relationship expert, Chazz Ellis, recently uploaded a YouTube video stating five reasons why men love “evil” women. These type of women fall under a number of categories, and you've probably met a few.

There's the demanding woman, the non-compromising-whatsoever type, and the emotionally (and sometimes physically) unavailable one, just to name a few. Some men will still stick around and remain loyal and faithful regardless.  

 They find a woman so attractive that they let her get away with anything (Image: Shutterstock)

I doubt that most of these women are necessarily “evil”, they simply have evil tendencies. Apparently, men who are drawn to such women love a challenge. Some guys will get with a woman who loves and respects them, but that won’t be challenging enough for them. 

According to Ellis, when a woman comes across as difficult, they present more of a challenge and this makes the man continue investing (read pursuing the challenge), until they don’t want to walk away no matter what. Interesting.

 Men who are drawn to these women love a challenge (Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash)

Ellis goes on to say that givers attract takers, because takers will most likely not be attracted to each other since they’re both taking from each other. The logic behind this is that a woman who gives a lot will often attract takers. Whereas a woman who is considered “evil”, a taker, latches herself onto somebody who is a giver.

Another important point that was mentioned in the video was that some of these men are simply blinded by beauty. They find a woman so attractive, maybe too attractive, that they let her get away with anything. A man that does this gets caught up in who the woman is and not what he means to her. Hence, why she uses her beauty to her advantage.

 Some of these women are on the rebound and mistreat their new man (Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash)

Some of these mean-spirited women may have a hard time getting over a past relationship, so they’ll go on a rebound for the sole purpose of trying to get over their ex. Since she doesn’t truly care about her rebound, she’ll treat him any kind of way as long as she is getting what she wants. Again, this is one of those challenges that such men like so he’ll stick around and put up with the beautiful, “evil” taker. 

Now, do you finally understand why your homeboy is still in a relationship with that demanding woman you told him to dump years ago?

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