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Please help!!! How do I know if my boyfriend is only interested in sex?


Dear Roxanne, There is this guy I am interested in and he seems interested in me too. The problem is that sometimes I feel like he is just interested in sex and not a relationship.

He brings it up a lot when we are hanging out, but he hasn’t tried to pressure me into it or anything. I feel so confused because I don’t know whether to move things forward or to end it with him.

Please advise.


Hi Irene, When you start seeing a guy you are attracted to, it may be difficult to determine what his objective.

However, there are a number of ways to tell if a man is only interested in sex you or is looking for a long-term relationship. Has he taken you on a real date? If he only invites you over to his place then he is probably just interested in getting it on.

Taking a woman on a date shows that he means business and is not just fooling around.

What do you two talk about? Does he seem genuinely interested in knowing about your life, your interests, hobbies etc, or does every conversation always turn sexual? There is nothing wrong with a little dirty talk once in a while, but if sex is all he ever talks about, then there could be a problem.

Is he is always hanging out with his friends and you are never invited along? If he doesn’t take initiative to integrate you into his life, he may only be in it for sex.

Is he always busy when you want to hang out and do other things that don’t include sex? This is another red flag to look out for. When all is said and done, the best way to know what a man wants from you is to ask him. All the best.

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