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Wambui and Davis : We had the time of our lives'

Dinner for two: The Kabiru's Valentine's getaway
 Dinner for two: Wambui and Davis- We had the time of our lives' 

The scene played out at Nairobi's arboretum.

The gentleman, struggling to contain intense passion building inside him, leaned in and kissed the damsel.

She didn't push him back; neither did she whack a slap on his face; even an attempt to put him back to his 'rightful' place was not forthcoming.

It was the reaction Davis Macharia Mirara was looking for to seal the deal. "As we walked through arboretum, chatting up, I found myself drawn to her. I kissed her and she kissed me back.

That meant that she was officially my girlfriend," says the man who boasts of having an irresistible kiss.

The conversation had just turned into a conver-sensation. The girl, Wambui Kabiru, admits that she too, had grown to like Davis – a lot. The culture of 'He-has-to-ask-first' demanded that she waits for Davis to do the needful.

"I had a crush on him," she says, smiling sheepishly, reminiscing the sweet moment the bud of their love opened up into a flower. "When he kissed me, I felt the passion; I was glad he did."

The two met at an audition to be cast in a play at the Kenya National Theatre. Their love developed on set – playing a couple (Mr and Mrs Stockman) as depicted in the bestseller 'An Enemy of the People' by Erick Ibsen.

Ironically, Wambui had accompanied a suitor to the auditions. "Someone who was courting me asked that I accompany him to audition for the play; he had shown interest in me. He was just a friend though in my eyes," she says.

Fate had it that Davis, Wambui, and the suitor, made it through the auditions to make the cast. The jilted lover would watch as Mr and Mrs Stockman played their characters, not knowing that what played on stage closely mimicked real life.

As their characters synchronised, so did their love. The relationship, according to Wambui, achieved the 'serious' status about a year and a half later.

Last week marked the couple's fifth Valentine's Day – and the best of their lifetimes. Davis and Wambui won a night, dinner, breakfast, and Swedish massage at The Hilton Hotel courtesy of Eve Woman. Wambui, hoping to win a treat for the couple at a five star hotel, entered the completion advertised in The Standard newspaper – posting their picture on the Eve Woman Magazine Facebook page and receiving the most 'likes'.

Luck, it would seem, was on their side; the winning portrait was uploaded on Thursday, almost 24 hours to the deadline when the competition had run through more than halfway.

"All we did is ask our friends to like the page and our photo. We had very little faith that we would win but nonetheless dared to try," points out Wambui.

"We were booked into a room on 16th floor," says Davis enthusiastically. "The panoramic view of the city at night was simply amazing."

Davis had always wanted to take his woman to a Hilton-esque hotel. The jungle that life is, however, bears hurdles and his dream hitherto was yet to come through. In Davis' own words, "last Saturday was heavenly; the best treat of our lives."

Through six years, Davis and Wambui have weathered through quenching peace and fierce fights, something she says is normal for all serious relationships.

"If a couple have never fought over years, then I would think something is wrong with them. Someone you love so much hurts you the most and disagreements are part of growing in love together," she says.

The two know too well how the thread yarns through couple-fights. He did, she did, they said: Every conceivable pronoun and a verb. They, however, prefer being real with each other.

"I hate that football is like his second wife," chided Wambui, smiling wryly. "He is always flipping through sports channels. I wish he would watch fashion more; or better yet, food channels."

As Davis proceeds into a shrug, moving his head in total disagreement, this, I sense, is an axis of trouble. War or not, they are not monsters to be put into the stocks of public opinion.

"I fancy none of those channels. However, but I could watch them with her, just like I would like her to watch sports with me," says Davis.

On many occasions though, it is not always that simple. Wambui admits that there are times she flares up at Davis, who, most of the time, is usually aloof and hapless. To prevent the 'war' from escalating, he opts to stay mum and let her dissipate the anger. But that is usually grounds for a second round of arguments.

"When he keeps quite I rant more because I need him to fight back," argues Wambui. "I would laugh it off afterwards and apologise for 'tormenting' him. I realise that at times he is very innocent when I have been irked by something."

For this year's Valentine's, Davis received official leather shoes (for complaining that he is the only man in the office without a pair) and Wambui was very particular about a partitioned leather bag. She says that they love practicality; either asks for something they would fancy every Valentine's (and on special anniversaries) and that is what they get.

While they believe love is immeasurable; that it flows unhindered; that it lasts through the length of time and not just in one day, the two take Valentine's Day seriously. Davis takes solace in the memories of yore, appreciating how far they have come together. Wambui sees the day as a culmination of all they have endured – good and bad.

The couple have a son Keita Mirara. He, says Davis, is the icing if their love is the cake. The eight-month-old had to spend Valentine's being watched by an aunt as dad and mom had a special date.

The couple may not like to divulge the details of their night at the Hilton, but one thing is for sure: Mr and Mrs Stockman, turned real-life lovers, enjoyed their Valentine's Day.

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