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Eight ways to calm your baby

 The constant crying can take a toll on you as a parent (Shutterstock)

Who knew that calming a fussy baby would be one of the hardest tasks ever? It happens often and at that point, they don’t want their favorite toy anymore and they’re ignoring the fun, silly faces you usually make for them.

It’s frustrating for both babies and parents for sure. Try these eight techniques the next time it happens.

Stay calm

The constant crying can take a toll on you as a parent. You’ll probably feel like your brain will explode and it’s hard to stay calm.

But the best thing you can do is try stay relaxed so that you can think straight. You shouldn’t let them see your frustration because it will only make them fuss more.

Play some music

Music has healing and calming properties. Even for adults, listening to music is one of the best things to do when you’re feeling uneasy. The same happens for babies.

The rhythm can instantly make a fussy baby happy because their nervous system will be calmed. You can play some lullabies or try the music you usually like too. Another option would be singing for them as well.

Make them comfortable

They might be feeling irritated because their body is heating up or maybe their sweater is a little too tight. Babies can’t communicate with words yet so they fuss and cry to send a certain message.

Check if there’s anything making them uncomfortable then make some changes.

 Calming a fussy baby can be one of the hardest tasks ever (Shutterstock)
Walk around

I’ve tried this technique before and it works like a charm. They literally forget they were crying a few minutes ago as soon as you pick them up and move around.

They don’t like to sit in the same place or same position for a long time so moving around will help. They’re used to movements in the womb and creating a similar environment could help. Take a walk with them around the room or change the scenery.

Swaddle them

Use a soft light blanket to wrap them before swaddling them. The goal is to create that warm and calm environment they had in the womb and that’s why this technique works for most babies.

Wrap them properly in a way they won’t overheat or move around too much.

Try the ‘shush’ technique

Making a ‘shush’ sound as you calm them down will also help. But don’t do it too loud because that can trigger the stress signals in their body. Gently ‘shush’ them as you swaddle them and wait for a few minutes to see if it works.

Dim the lights

They could be fussier before bed when the lights are too bright in the room. This can cause overstimulation which will make them irritable. Swaddle them in a dim room, walk around for a minute and soon, they’ll be happy again.

Check with the doctor

If the fussing is excessive, they could be having some digestive problems or colic. Contact the doctor and find out if it’s something that will need some medication. You might even need to switch up their diet to avoid tummy problems.

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