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Five beauty must haves every lady should know

Skin Care
 Get to know skincare secrets that will transform your entire regimen (Image: Shutterstock)

I just love how beauty has become a diverse space that has encouraged more conversations on how we define it.

Skin and hair care is now a topic to bond over because we are able to learn from each other on how to up our game every day. From ancient beauty tricks to modern day hacks, there is a vast beauty universe to explore.

But, would you believe me if I said there are a few simple, yet timeless secrets that will transform your entire regimen?

True story.

Here are some supermodel beauty tips you definitely need to try out:

A simple skincare routine

I’m not sure who said you need to have many products to make your skin pop because whoever it is, they are wrong!

Having so many products can irritate the skin more because some ingredients shouldn’t be mixed in the first place. You wouldn’t even be able to know what works and what doesn’t since it’s all a random mishmash.

Emily DiDonato, a veteran fashion model, learnt that you might have over ten expensive products and a complicated routine but that doesn’t guarantee good skin.

The simpler, the better.

Vitamin C serums

The benefits of Vitamin C for skin care are endless. Even dermatologists approve of this since it’s one of the best anti-ageing ingredients you will find out here.

It promotes collagen production, fades fine line lines and wrinkles, and forms a protective barrier against free radicals which destroy collagen.

Take time to shop for a vitamin C serum from a trustworthy seller and add it to your daily routine because this is definitely a game changer.

 Skincare doesn't have to be complicated, it is the small things that matter (Image: Shutterstock)
A beauty smoothie

A smoothie that comes with nutrients for you skin is a brilliant concept. Smoothies are generally easy to make and you can have it while you’re on the move too.

One recipe you can try is a combination of collagen boosting ingredients like blueberries and spinach, together with a sprinkle of the famous anti-oxidant rich chia seeds or even flaxseed.

Try different collagen protein smoothies until you find one that helps your skin maintain its elasticity.

A nourishing haircare routine

Maintaining healthy hair doesn’t have to involve ridiculously expensive products or a complicated time-wasting routine. Like a simple skin care regimen, your hair can also flourish on simple touchups.

The trick here is to move towards better haircare products like the sulfate-free shampoos that don’t strip away your hair’s natural moisture balance.

This should be coupled with natural hair oils like vitamin E which you apply on your hair and scalp to maintain a healthy shine. Natural oils effectively repair damaged follicles and boost your hair growth.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle

One last thing you need to live like a supermodel is to eat healthy and exercise. What goes on, on the inside will eventually show on the outside.

Top models and almost every supermodel swears by a balanced diet as a glow up secret that that has always helped their skin look amazing.

Focus on adopting a healthy daily diet consistently to give you an amazing transformation.

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