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Cajetan Boy: Boy, do I love what I do!

My Man

First of all, what's with that name?

Boy is my surname. It's from the Bukhayo, the Luhya people. Cajetan is a Latin name which means blessed, my parents are serious Catholics. And, yes, there is another story behind my name. It has something to do with my grandfather who was an amazing man. He defiantly took the name when forced to take an English name before being accepted into school.. but you will have to wait for the movie to get all the details.

What's your story?

I am a film maker, a story teller, and a family man. I am a script writer, producer, director and editor for both film and television. The films I have made include: Obohoz, Benta, Captain Nakara, All Girls Together, Backlash, and By Any Means Necessary.

I have written scripts for TV shows: Lies That Bind, Sumu La Penzi, Girlfriends, Changing Times, Mheshimiwa, Guy Centre, The Team, Wash and Set, Better Days and Makutano Junction. Plays that I have written and produced include: Deadtalk, Backlash, Cracked Pot, By Any Means Necessary, and Benta. I am also a lecturer in Screenplay writing at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication(KIMC). I run a production company called Et Cetera Productions Ltd with my wife.

Where did all this begin?

After finishing my degree in Agricultural Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), I got a job at Miujiza Players as an actor. I have always loved writing and so while there I began writing scripts for plays. Once I mastered that, I crossed over into film. I began by turning my stage plays into film with my first feature film being By Any Means Necessary. I have never looked back. I got into television script writing because there was a need in the industry and since I had done it for both films and plays I was right at home with television.

And your wife? When did that happen?

I have been married to Caroline Adongo for 20 years now. We have three children; a son and two daughters. My son is 21 and my daughters are ten and five.

Isn't it weird...working together?

My wife is a director and some of the shows she has worked on include Fihi, Sumu La Penzi and other projects for Spielworks Media Ltd.

There are situations where we end up working on the same projects, like she directed Sumu la Penzi while I was the head writer for the same show but we make it work because she understands me and I understand her too; the job of a script writer is to come up with a story on paper, and the role of a director is to bring the said vision to life.


Most marriages today can barely last a year, what is your secret?

For marriage to work you have to acknowledge the fact that even though you are one, you are also individuals and you must not only love but respect one another. My wife has her own personal goals and dreams. It is my duty as her husband and friend to sacrifice and help her prosper in whatever fields she chooses to pursue and vice versa.

How do you get away from all that?

I am a family man at heart. I love spending time with my wife and kids. You will always find us at home talking about anything and everything. I watch a lot of kid television and play games. My daughters love watching television and colouring and my eldest son loves football. When I am not doing that, I am an avid reader of science fiction.

What do you enjoy most about being a father?

I find it a blessing and a privilege to be a father, watching your children grow from being helpless and dependent, to seeing them evolve to become independent individuals with their own thoughts and dreams is an honour.

Film making is a hectic career how do you manage to balance work with family life?

The best thing about making films or television series is that it is a flexible job, so my wife and I ensure that when one of us is on set, the other is at home with the kids. We do not take jobs at the same time, we always ensure one of us is available for the children.

You must have a hidden talent...

I used to sing in a band back in my days at JKUAT. I was a reggae vocalist in a band called Grass Root. We are currently in talks to revive the band.

So what does 2016 have in store for you?

I hope that my company will release two feature films this year and many short films. At the moment, I am doing one movie per year but I hope to grow to the point where we are releasing a movie every quarter. I am now venturing into training upcoming film makers. I enjoy working with young people they have so much love and passion for their work and are so hopeful, it is inspiring to capacity build.

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