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Why are fewer men tying the knot?

 Why fewer men are tying the knot (Photo: iStock)

As human beings, we are often fascinated by three central issues: relationships, health and money. In an ideal world, we'd all be able to easily balance all three, wouldn't we?

These three needs drive most of our decisions, but there is one great need that people of all cultures crave, and that is love. The main idea has always been to graduate, settle down and get married, but these days’ people are starting to change their minds about tying the knot.

Both men and women have expressed their views on why they don't want to get married soon, but there is a strong focus on men who are opting out more than ever. This is a massive concern for the sole reason that men have the power to decide when and if they want to propose.

The reasons vary, but these few may explain why more men either don't want to get married or are choosing to marry later in life:

Money worries

As much as women have become more independent, you will still find that many don’t want to handle major bills. Women still want a man who can pay for the hefty expenses like rent while they chip in for other costs around the home.

Right now life is getting more expensive, which has greatly affected men’s ability to afford a family. They feel less confident about marriage because how will they even afford the dowry to begin with let alone take care of a whole family?

Fears about divorce

There are plenty of videos and articles explaining how people’s lives were ruined by divorce. Men usually suffer the most financially because they’re the ones who end up paying alimony.

What’s worse is that women initiate up to 70 per cent of divorces which further discourages men from even thinking about marriage. And if we’re being honest these fears are valid since marriage doesn’t feel worth it to so many men anymore.

Fewer marriage-minded women

The modern dating culture has played a part in worsening the fears men have about marriage. It’s now normal for women to disregard the value of a good man, sleep around and become masculine which continues to demotivate men from going down the aisle.

More women are picking up attitudes like selfishness and entitlement, which is a terrible mindset when it comes to marriage as well. And men are responding to this trend by opting out of the whole marriage story.

Perks of the single life

Some men also feel like the single life is more rewarding than marriage and, to be honest, it is. Since women have become more sexually liberated thus making it easier for men to get sex with the least amount of effort or input, it beats the purpose of marriage which in the past days was one of the key factors for saying ‘’I do.’’

Add to that list kids and come-we-stay arrangements that feel just like marriage and there’s really nothing more to look forward to.

Basically, men are getting what marriage offers without the commitment and risks thus allowing them to do and live as they please comfortably.

Other priorities

Men who aren’t really against marriage but waiting a bit longer are also choosing to build their careers first before settling down. It can be difficult to manage a serious relationship when you’re busy building yourself up career-wise, so for other bachelors, they would rather wait a while. 

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