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The nudes you post will haunt you when you are older

 The nudes you post will haunt you when you are older (Photo: iStock)

Technology is a good thing. Humanity has every reason to appreciate it. However, like any other new thing, we have to be careful how we use it or else it may bring more harm than good to many people.

Take for instance mobile phones - many of which can double up as cameras. There is no doubt that it's much easier and less expensive to take pictures compared to back in the day.

Today, nearly all the phones in the hands of mwananchi are smartphones - and so recording and transmitting pictures and videos is chicken feed.

Back in the day, owning a camera was not child's play. Not many families could own this expensive gadget. Pictures were only taken during Christmas - or other occasions - as a way of recording history.

Those who could not afford had to visit Ramogi Studios in town - or arrange with a cameraman. One had to book to get their services.

Those who could afford a camera used it sparingly as the cost of the film was exorbitant. Families kept albums, and it was here that all the pictures were stored - safely away from children.

The albums were kept for visitors. The most difficult part of 'photography' was taking pictures. All the participants had to stand still. Instructions came from the photo man. He would tell you when to smile.

To appear in the picture, one had to dress in their Sunday best. It was common to see your house help posing next to you clad in your mother's dress - it was important that everyone looked smart. If not holding a flower, we would be standing with our hands akimbo. Trust me I miss those days.

It was not different when going to take passport pictures for use in obtaining ID cards - and boys had to be in a tie. Today, however, things have changed. People, especially the youth, do not respect the art of photography. It's like it has lost meaning. Today you will find girls deriving pleasure in taking nude pictures and recordings - and posting them on social media

Many of them want to be famous. They want to be socialites. Tell me, will you be a socialite until you are 85 years old?

The number of videos and pictures being released every week have become are astronomical. You will easily lose count. It is no longer news - even villagers now do it with perfection, they even rival Nairobians.

Remember this one thing, you will never be young forever. Whatever you post on social media will one day come back to haunt you.

Google is a click away, and will only need your name to tell it all. If you want to record history then take dissent pictures.

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