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5 things you should do with your grandparents before it’s too late


Nyamachoma, bonfires and staying up late with stories of back in the day are just some of the wholesome memories that arise when many think about their grandparents especially here in Kenya.

Holidays were predictable. Kids were shipped off to their rural homes and it was during such moments that special connections were made.

Unfortunately, there days here on earth are numbered and it is of importance to spend their last league of the run with them.

For those lucky enough to have their grandparents around, it’s time to return the love with these five things.

1. Interview them for posterity

Despite living in a digital world where a simple Google search will give you the results instantly, the stories and wisdom our grandparents have gained over the years cannot be compared. Get to learn from them as much as possible. To make sure the information is safe, record it. Use this to pass it down to other family members who will appreciate the preserved memories.

2. Spend quality time

While it may come easy for some, spending quality time with your grandparents outside your family reunion or Christmas does not suffice. It is good, but not enough. If you don't feel as close to them make a point of getting to know them. Make a point of visiting them more often, give them a call whenever you can and let them know you love, miss and care about them. You will never regret spending quality time with family or efforts to express love and affection, especially once your grandparents are gone.

3. Make a photo album

With most of our photos ending up on Facebook and Instagram rather than on paper these days, the older generation often miss out. Buy an album or better, use one of the many tools out there to design a personalized album that your grandparents will love. Take and process photos every time you are together and let every member keep adding photos to the family album. You will appreciate its value once they're gone and new members have joined the family.

4. Learn from their experiences

Your grandparents have likely gone through many of the same struggles and challenges you will or are experiencing. From dating, family life, financial challenges, tragedy, discouragement, you name it. Ask them questions about how they handled these life experiences and managed change, difficulty and prosperity. You will learn more about your grandparents and gain some valuable insights and advice to tackle your own challenges. All for free.

5. Learn to cook good food

There is always a dish your grandmother makes that leaves you salivating, or there is a special way your grandad makes meat that turns even the die hard vegetarians to carnivores. Learn from them while you can and surprise them at one point with your cooking skills. They will be so touched and impressed.

While doing all these activities with your grandparents is good and noble, get to know about other traditions too. Get to know about your people's songs,  stories, games and other activities that you can use to pass them down to other family members.


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