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Why the modern woman struggles to look, feel beautiful all the time

 We subconsciously hope that we are the prettiest and smell nice when we walk down the hallway to fix some coffee during break [Courtesy, Freepik]

We are a species focused on beauty at all costs. However, our liberal standing in the modern society has primed us argue that we dress up for us and to look beautiful for ourselves. That is the logical side of our brain hemisphere that we use in the public domain for political relevance and in line with the gender targets of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As educated women, we are informed and aligned to modern policies and we are focused on staying aligned, even if it is for academic scorecard only.

Deep down, we will do anything possible to please ourselves and while at it get noticed by the sons of Jonathan roaming the streets. A comment about how beautiful we are by the IT guy fixing your laptop is enough to fire one up for a whole week, something that even first grade appraisal feedback by the line manager cannot trigger in our brains.

Secretly, we want to be the most well-dressed woman.We subconsciously hope that we are the prettiest and smell nice when we walk down the hallway to fix some coffee during break. We are in competition with imaginary forces and for imaginary forces.

We are wired to compete for male attention even if it is subconsciously because somehow, we are seeking a mate for acts of reproduction that keep our mothering instinct alive and active. From a stand point of continuity, it is really our primary goal to shop around for a chance to further the existence of our species with the best of genes in the pool.

It starts with looking good and getting noticed. What the compliments do, is to fix our feminine belief that we are admirable and boost our confidence. Other times, we feel as if we are struggling with age, and we see real and imaginary smile lines on our eyes when we smile to the mirror.

If men believe in Nyash, we want Nyash on us at any cost. The lengths we go to look beautiful can only be empirically captured on the multi-million shilling standing of the beauty industry that is almost entirely driven by the female population around the world. Women are emotional beings that appreciate relationships with other humans. In broad day light though, we can never admit that we care so much about the opinions of others.

Fact is, we are friends of the mirror and when we leave the mirror at home, we want to be surrounded by other mirrors constantly giving us feedback about how gorgeous we look. May the day break.


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