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Mistakes you should stop making as an entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes plenty of smarts, planning, and a dash of luck. While there’s never a dull moment, entrepreneurship isn’t as glamorous as many people assume
By Pauline Muindi Aug. 10, 2022
Surveys show that only half of business owners pay themselves a salary. And of those who do, a majority only pay themselves enough to get by
By Pauline Muindi Aug. 2, 2022
She joined Zamara Kenya as an account officer and has been there for 12 years, growing over the years. Today, she is the managing director
By Jacqueline Mahugu Jul. 31, 2022
Clients are always right and can make or break a business, understanding their behaviour might be the key to your success
By Pauline Muindi Jul. 26, 2022
Your hobbies are already activities you enjoy doing, which means you’ll have an easier time embracing them as a side hustle
By Esther Muchene Jul. 24, 2022
The modern workplace has evolved to accommodate more remote productivity. However, there are growing concerns about work-related stress on mental health
By Nancy Nzalambi Jul. 16, 2022
Even if you’re a great business leader, without the right team to support you, your business is likely to fail
By Pauline Muindi Jul. 7, 2022
When work friendships are severed, this can breed a toxic environment that will ultimately slow down your productivity
By Esther Muchene Jun. 30, 2022
It’s amazing how people are no longer scared of quitting their jobs and chasing after their dreams, but without a plan B this would be a grave mistake
By Esther Muchene Jun. 29, 2022
When you’re newlywed, everything seems perfect almost too good to be true until problems start to crop up and you question everything
By Esther Muchene Jun. 23, 2022
Creative people have unique perspectives on life. They have certain characteristics that enable them to be successful in their own right, are you one of them?
By Esther Muchene Jun. 16, 2022
Having the right information will cut costly and time-consuming mistakes that could delay or thwart your plans
By Pauline Muindi Jun. 7, 2022