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Six healthy foods you can snack on in place of junk foods

Healthy Eating
 Healthy snacks keep the cravings away and your diet on track (Image: Shutterstock)

We all try to lead healthier lives every day but this can be difficult especially with all the junk food readily available while the healthier options stay expensive and unavailable.

As much as junk foods play a key role in our snacking time, to our bodies they play no major role. The human brain does not register junk foods as real food, making it almost impossible to reach your fill in a single meal.

This is why a lot of people easily get overweight from taking junk food as they neither seem to run out of cravings nor are they satiable.

If you are looking to change your eating habits from junk foods to healthier options, here are some foods you can snack on in place of junk foods:

 Fruits are much easier when you can drink from a cup (Image: Shutterstock)

Are you tired of eating your fruits? Well you might just be in luck with smoothies. If you can’t eat your fruit, drink it. Smoothies are delicious and easier to pack than normal whole fruits. You are going to be getting all your nutrients in one cup. Just add a variety of fruits that work well together, some milk and blend away.

 Bananas will give you an energy boost that can last all day (Image: Shutterstock)

Other than banana smoothies which are delicious obviously, did you know that taking two bananas can give you enough energy to last you all day? Banana are also rich in vitamin B, C, potassium and they come in handy in aiding your digestive health. Before you leave the house, remember to carry that banana with you.

 Sweet potatoes are as juicy and tasty just like normal chips (Image: Shutterstock)
Sweet potatoes

Instead of going for your usual crisps or chips, opt for sweet potatoes. They are more affordable, readily available and the best part very nutritious. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin B, C, D, calcium, potassium and many other nutrients. If you don’t like them boiled, you could fry them as well and drain the excess oil on a paper towel and enjoy your snack.

 Add some natural fruits to your yoghurt to make it more nutritious and yummy (Image: Shutterstock)

Instead of going for that cold delicious ice cream, you could go for natural yoghurt. They are lower in fat and calories and the best part is that you could actually get full from taking yoghurt. Also to make your natural yoghurt more interesting, you could blend in some fruits to add some flavor and boost its nutritional value.

 Replace sugary cakes with a delicious plate of banana bread (Image: Shutterstock)
Banana bread

Bananas are still winning and this time you can bake it. As mentioned before, bananas are nutrient packed and will boost your energy level faster than any other meal. Cakes are yummy but they are not as healthy as banana bread. It is a healthier option since you won’t need any added sugar or colourings in baking your banana bread.

 Popocorns are full of anti-oxidants and low is saturated fats (Image: Shutterstock)

Are you planning on watching that movie all day and you have no snack? Popcorns have you covered. You can measure the amount of oil and salt you use on then unlike crisps that are full of saturated fats and salt. Furthermore, popcorns are also low in calories and full of anti-oxidants.

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