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#FashionTips: Cold weather essentials to get you through the season

Fashion Tips

The cold weather is finally here, for those of us who enjoy layering clothes, we know how much this weather means to us.

From dressing in neutrals and colour blocking, is there any other season we can freely flaunt our fashion prowess?

By now you obviously know your closet should always be stocked and ready with some cold weather essentials to help you layer and get through the season.

If you are still struggling with what to buy and why, here is a list of some cold weather outfit essentials you should have in your closet:


Yes, we all need at least one pair of boots in our closet. I can’t emphasize on how important boots are when it comes to layering outfits and keeping warm.

Besides, boots have their own of way of adding some edge to an outfit and making you look chic.

A trench coat

Layering 101, you must have a trench coat in your closet. If not for the cold weather at least for those cold morning to cover your short dress.

Also, if you don’t enjoy layering, a trench coat can withstand the cold weather on its own, either way it’s a win-win for you.


Turtlenecks come in different textures, designs and colours, on whether you need to keep warm or look good, turtlenecks will play both roles.

To make your turtleneck outfits pop, you can always layer with a trench coat and put on those boots you have been waiting to try on all season.


Who doesn’t just love blazers? Especially if you have to go to the office all week, blazers are a must have in your closet.

Not only will they come in handy during this cold weather but they will always make your layering game much easier while you stay official.


Have you been wondering where you will use all your scarves? Well you now have a reason to take out those scarves, it is cold and your neck needs warmth too.

The best part is that for the warm season, you can still use your scarves to tie turbans, talk of an all-weather wardrobe piece.


Last but not least are leggings or stalking if you like, they are light and come in handy when you want to put on a skirt or dress and still stay warm.

They best part is that you can also put on jeans over them bulging out.

Bonus tip: Always have at least one pair of gloves, not only will they come in handy when you have to step out but they will also add some edge to your outfit - automatically upgrading your fashion game.


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