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Reasons your skincare routine is not working

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 Be patient with your routine, dont go hopping from one to another (Photo: Courtesy)

Just like any other journey, every skin care journey has its highs and lows. There is the excitement of trying out a new routine you’re hoping will work and there is also the not so great side of things when you notice that what you have been trying isn’t working.

There are many reasons why your routine might not be giving you the results you wanted. These five below might help shed some light on where you could be going wrong:

You are not following the correct steps

If you’re a beginner, you might not know the correct order of steps to follow. There is a certain formula and also, you need to pay attention to products that should and shouldn’t be layered.

Whatever routine or products you decide to use, these are some of the things you should be keen on. Ensure that you’re following the correct steps so your routine can work properly.

You might need to choose better products for your skin type

You can spend a lot of time following the correct steps but if you don’t have the right products in the first place, you will be disappointed.

Before you start any routine, the first step is to research on what your skin type is and the right products for you. There are many recommendations on which products you should use but ultimately, it’s all about what your skin responds to.

It would help to research and consult a dermatologist especially if you have sensitive skin.

 Do you know how to do a proper cleanse? (Photo: Courtesy)
You haven’t given your routine enough time to work

There are times when we are too quick to change from one routine to another as we swap products. You might be expecting your skin to respond within just a few days or weeks, when in reality it needs more time and work before you start seeing results.

You can try and check if what you’re doing is working for at least one month before deciding to do something different.

You are not living a healthy lifestyle

It’s impossible to live an unhealthy lifestyle while still expecting your skin to look great. Some people can get away with it but for most, it doesn’t really work.

Things like unhealthy diets, smoking and overindulging in alcohol are some of the things that can hinder your routine from working. And if you aren’t quick to adjust, you will keep assuming your routine isn’t working when the main issue is internal.

You are not consistent

Consistency is the only way to get the results you want even when it comes to skin care routines. Maintaining good skin requires commitment and there is no other way around it.

If you’ve been ignoring your routine for weeks and only doing the bare minimum, it might not work properly. Try and figure out a simple routine that won’t be too stressful to keep up with.

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