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Maureen Kunga, Terryanne Chebet, Anerlisa Muigai on their struggle with weight gain and journey to fitness


Losing weight is one of the most common personal goals. People are becoming more and more aware of getting and staying healthy. They are enrolling for fitness programmes and taking up diets just to shed a few kilos.

And who better to lead the journey to overall fitness and better health than celebrities? Many well-known personalities have shared their before and after photos, showcasing their fitter bodies. Some have even gone ahead to share their story explaining what led them to start their journey to fitness and how they’re fairing on now.

Weight loss is a very personal journey which some equate with a journey to self-love. In some cases, mental health plays a major role. Some celebrities have come forth and confessed that their weight loss journey was more than just shedding the kilos. It was more about finding happiness.

Maureen Kunga, who is part of the popular musical group Elani, recently shared her before and after photo on Instagram saying, “Sometimes I look at this grainy photo and it really shocks me ???? Not because it's such an "amazing transformation" and "inspirational story" but because I think back to that girl on the left and remember how unhappy she was sometimes.”

 Maureen Kunga spoke about her weight loss journey and her search for true happiness (Photo: Instagram @maureenkunga)

She goes on to say, “Unhappy, not because she was overweight, but because she had allowed her weight to define her. I could not see myself as the talented, beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, wonderful human being I am because my weight had become the one thing that I saw.”

Anerlisa Muigai, daughter of Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Muigai wrote regarding her weight loss, “I want to address everyone who thinks whatever they are going though at the moment is permanent. I want you to know it’s all in your thoughts, everything you ever wished for will come true, keep a positive mind.”

Kunga goes on to say, “I had good days, but most of my time was spent obsessing and struggling and talking down to myself”

But the transformation, both physical and mental, that took place after losing the extra kilos was evident as these celebrities attested.

 For Anerlisa Muigai every moment is temporary and has the potential to change (Photo: Instagram @anerlisa)

Kunga added, “I am not a skinny person, nor do I ever really expect to be. I mess up and I do unhealthy things sometimes, but I feel beautiful, and a million times happier. I am free of so much baggage.”

She also stressed the importance looking beyond the numbers on the scale, “Life is more than a number on a scale.”

The journey to losing weight is a very personal one. Targets have to be made based on you as an individual and not what everybody else is doing.

Media personality Terryanne Chebet commented, “I've always been a size 10 and around 55kgs and that's my ideal weight and I'm a few pounds to go.”

 Terryanne Chebet set a goal weight to which she is earnestly working towards (Photo: Instagram @terryannechebet)

A major part of losing weight is watching what you eat. Chebet had this to say, “I can't believe how easy it was to pile on weight, suddenly my clothes didn't fit. I decided to watch what I ate, reduce sugar and minimize processed foods.”

It is evident that with determination, a realistic plan and a positive mindset, it is possible to embark on a rewarding fitness journey.

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