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...Of fatal attraction and lofty dreams

 Photo; Courtesy

BRIDE: Mary Mutete

GROOM: Lofty Matambo


DATE: April 9, 2016

CEREMONY: Kikambala Methodist Church, Mtwapa

RECEPTION: Jamboree Resort

BUDGET: Sh350,000

THEME: Hot pink and cream



Lofty and Mary: We first met at Kisauni Bakharani at a shop. The two of us had gone to buy some stuff when it happened.

Lofty: It was fatal attraction at first sight and I opted to follow her right outside their house which was situated a stone throw away from my small house. My three visits to her home bore no fruits as her aunt did not allow me to see her.

But despite this I never gave up, I tried the fourth time and I was lucky. We went out on a date at Sea Front Nyali Beach ( Club and restaurant)  on May 1, 2012, we exchanged contacts and the rest is history.


Lofty: A year after dating I proposed during one of our evening dates and even went ahead and started to plan for a wedding but this wasn’t to be. I got a job in Nairobi so moving towns forced us to put on hold our plans. She wasn’t amused, our love went through a trying moment but we thank God we made it.

Mary: I tried to dissuade him from moving to Nairobi as I knew that meant going far from me but my pleas were in vain. He still went ahead and I wasn’t amused.

Despite the disappointment I played my role to ensure that I got a job in Nairobi in order to be closer to my future life partner.

In 2015 he proposed to me for the second time.

Lofty: The second proposal came as a great shocker to her since I was forced to interrupt the normal church service in order to drop the surprise for her.

 Photo; Courtesy


Putting off the wedding caused lots of problems between us. We hardly talked to each other for almost five months. On top of this my in-laws were not happy about my decision having paid a few visits to Mary’s home besides showing my interest in marrying her.

But despite everything I had made up my mind to follow my heart. At some point I was even tempted to forget about the relationship and start my life afresh.

But as fate had it a few months down the line, Mary secured a job in Nairobi and this renewed our friendship.


It is important to take time in a relationship to establish whether you are ready for the person you intend to marry and equally spend the rest of your life with.

Lofty: I believe marriage is all in the mind and as for my case earlier on I was not psychologically prepared for a lifetime relationship. For me it was about the hype of having a new catch and rushing things over which ultimately would have not worked.


Just like Jacob in the Bible who went to his uncle Laban to look for a wife – he paid a cost to show that he was in love. This he did by rolling off the stone off the way to give water to the flock.

In short there is always a cost to be paid in order for love to have the required foundation before marriage. My lady did exactly that when she chose to quit her job and by getting another one in Nairobi just to ensure that our bond grew stronger.

If you truly love someone you need to go an extra mile to ensure that you do anything within your power to have her. Jacob was forced to toil for seven days in order to have Leah instead of Rachel whom he was offered earlier.

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