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Fuel it: Best foods to stock during a crisis

Stock up on some long-life foods to reduce the need to go to the supermarket regularly (Shutterstock)

In case you find yourself needing to self-isolate, consider stocking up on some long-life foods to reduce the need to go to the supermarket regularly:

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1. Drinking water

Consider investing in a filter so you can drink boiled, cooled, filtered tap water as an alternative to bottled water.

2. Flour

Flour can be used to make a variety of foods. Clean your pantry thoroughly and freeze temporarily to kill bugs.

3. Dried legumes

Dried beans and lentils last a long time and are a good source of protein. Soak overnight before cooking.

4. Cooking oil

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Unopened and stored properly, vegetable oil has a long shelf life. Avoid storing above a stove as heat makes it go rancid faster.

5. Milk

Powdered, condensed or UHT milk have a long shelf life unopened but once open should be consumed quickly so plan use to minimise waste.

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