Evewoman : Inside Cameron Diaz's emotional IVF journey and adoption aims before pregnancy


Inside Cameron Diaz's emotional IVF journey and adoption aims before pregnancy

Cameron Diaz with husband Benji Madden (Photo: GC Images)

Cameron Diaz has welcomed a baby daughter with her husband Benji Madden but it has been a long journey to Raddix entering this world.

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The 47-year-old Hollywood actress has been having IVF treatment over previous years but after a couple false dawns, the couple were looking at adoption before she got the joyful news of a pregnancy.

It was this time last year that it looked like Cameron and her Good Charlotte guitarist husband were going to be with child.

So positive seemed the news that US media had announced that she was pregnant and the wheels were in motion to welcome their child.

A source told In Touch at the time: "There were some really tough times when she thought motherhood maybe just wasn’t in the cards for her, but she never gave up hope that someday she would become a mum."

But it was to end in heartbreak though as the round of IVF was not successful, as it was the first time they tried, and there were tears as another pregnancy could not be confirmed.

A source explained: "Cameron was super healthy, had the best doctors - and still, nothing. There were a lot of tears.

"Thank God for Benji, who was always very supportive. He didn’t care how they had a baby - he was determined to make Cameron a mum."

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The couple had been trying IVF for years and even considered surrogacy and adoption (Photo: Instagram @camerondiaz)

It was at this point that the couple reportedly looked at other options, from surrogacy to adoption.

A friend said: “They were so locked into the idea of conceiving, but they ended up constantly crashed.

"Opening up to this possibility has lifted a weight off their shoulders. They’re ecstatic.”

It is while they were exploring how this could work, Cameron got the exciting news that she was going to become a mum and was expecting her first child.

A source said the couple were ecstatic, revealing: "They have a baby on the way, and they couldn’t be happier."

They said that there were looking forward to "sharing the news with friends and family and getting the nursery ready."

They announced the birth of their daughter on Instagram (Photo: Mirror)

Another insider revealed that Cameron did everything she could to get pregnant "like working out and eating fertility-boosting foods, and she’s even resorted to scheduling sex."

Previous IVF treatment had been "brutal on her body" and a source added: "[She] gained weight and her moods fluctuated wildly.”

And so, after a number of false dawns, Cameron fell pregnant and today announced that daughter Raddix had arrived.

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On both their Instagram pages, they wrote: "Happy New Year from the Maddens! We are so happy, blessed and grateful to being this new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter, Raddix Madden.

"She has instantly captured our hearts and completed our family. While we are overjoyed to share this news, we also feel a strong instinct to protect our little's one's privacy.

"So we won't be posting pictures or sharing any more details, other than the fact that she is really really cute!! Some would even say RAD:)

"From our family to all of yours, we're sending our love and best wishes for a Happy New Year and Happy New Decade.

"Sincerely, Cameron & Benji [heart emoji]"

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