Evewoman : Four signs that your housegirl is not coming back after the holidays

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Four signs that your housegirl is not coming back after the holidays

Your housegirl may have plotted her escape during the holiday season (Image: Shutterstock)

The holidays are over and it’s a brand new decade. Work is just around the corner and the kids will soon be back to school. The house is not in tip-top shape and laundry has piled up but one major thing is amiss in your home is your housegirl.

You haven’t heard from her since she left for her Christmas break, and now you’re panicking because you have to figure out how you’ll get your house back in order before the chaos of normal life begins.

Getting a replacement during a time when many other families are experiencing the case of a missing housegirl is very hard. Below are four sure signs that your housegirl plotted her escape and won't be coming back.

  1. She packed all her belongings

The Christmas break isn’t a very long break, so you would not expect your househelp to carry all her belongings – especially if she wears a uniform and takes it with her.  If you notice that all her shoes, clothes, toiletries, and even those tattered slippers are gone, she probably won’t be coming back. Do give it time, she might have carried some things that she was planning to share with her relatives at home.

She may have left on a bad note (Image: Shutterstock)
  1. She left on a bad note

You and your housegirl might have had a few issues prior to her leaving for the holidays. There might have been a disagreement, and if she initiated the problem, it may have been on purpose so at to have a reason to not return. If you and her stayed in touch while she was away, the dust may have settled. However, if she has been ignoring all your phone calls and text messages, she might be gone for good.

  1. She stole from you

This is a pretty common issue among many househelps, whether or not they come back. It’s hard to catch a thief in the act in your own home, and false accusations may ensue a bigger issue between you and her. If you notice that some of your belongings are missing, from as little as toilet paper to as big as your expensive watch, she most likely took them knowing that she will never see you again.

She hasn't been picking up your calls or returning text messages (Image: Shutterstock)
  1. She has been silent

Nowadays, there is almost no excuse for not being able to stay in touch with someone who has travelled upcountry. Technology has advanced, and electricity is more accessible in most parts of rural Kenya. Even if you hadn’t heard from her in a few days, at some point she should have been able to respond to a call or text message. However, if she has not done so, even with a relative’s phone, she does not plan on returning to work.

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