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Clothing tips no woman should ever miss

We like different dressing styles, hair styles, and shoe designs but there are some common guidelines that are to be observed (Shutterstock)

We are all lucky enough to be different. We like different dressing styles, hair styles, shoe designs and many other things.

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When it comes to fashion sense, there are some common guidelines that are to be observed. Before I knew some of them, I was making the same fashion mistakes over and over again.

When we learn these small tips, the way we dress changes and our confidence gets a huge boost.

Below are some incredible clothing tips that every woman needs to keep in mind.

  1. You need to know your body type

The first basic clothing tip is to know your body type. You need to take your measurements and find out whether you are pear shaped, apple shaped, diamond, hourglass or oval, just to name a few. This will give you a proper guideline especially when you are out shopping so that you don’t end up buying clothes that don’t flatter your body size. Clothes that are either too small or too big make you look unkempt and untidy. Knowing what looks good on your body type will save you time and money every moment you step out for shopping.

  1. Revamp your closet occasionally

From time to time, we buy things that we end up not wearing. By the end of the year, you might find that you have only worn a certain item once within the year. As a result, you end up filling your closet with unnecessary things that get outdated by the day. Don’t be stuck in the past. Let go of what you don’t need and create room for new pieces.

Revamp your closet occasionally and rid it of outdated items (Shutterstock)
  1. Don’t compare yourself

We live in the age of fast fashion, fast food, fast everything. Many brands offer new styles almost every hour and this can be confusing when you’re out shopping or scrolling through your favorite online stores. The key to dealing with the confusion is to be true to yourself and choosing what you like rather than always buying what someone else is wearing. You don’t need to compare yourself or buy everything that’s sold to you. Not all fashion fads and trends are meant to be tried out anyways. Do what works for you.

  1. Details matter

The small details always matter when it comes to dressing. Small changes can make a huge difference in your outfit. Things like accessories can turn a basic look to a classy one. Boost your outfit by adding a necklace, bracelet, watch and other statement pieces to transform your outfit. Another small detail is always pairing the loose items with tight ones. If you have loose fitting jeans for example, pair that with a tight top and vice versa. When you pair loose items together, your frame gets lost in your clothes and this isn’t flattering in any way whatsoever.

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Pay attention to the colors also. Certain colors complement each other more than others so try to stick to color rules when selecting outfits.

Another detail that makes a difference is selecting the right undergarments. If you have the wrong size of bra, shape wear or underwear, it instantly reflects on the outside. Adding items like seamless panties and strapless bras to your closet is essential.


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