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Make travelling more fulfilling

 Make travelling more fulfilling (Photo: iStock)

A rich experience gives you the best of a vacation and leaves you with a fulfilling satisfaction. It means making the best out of your break.

It could mean unwinding on the beach, because it is the best experience to get back in touch with your body after a stressful encounter, or it could be a roller-coaster experience that allows you to make the most out of every experience. 

It could mean that rather than visiting the same destination every time or visiting destinations that other vacationers frequent, you could plan for a trip that gives you a more intimate experience - living like locals, seeking unique activities, or getting to know the “soul” of a destination. 

A “slow travel” experience does not necessarily mean spending all day at the beach. It is about allowing yourself to slow down enough to enjoy and take in the world around your destination, something that a destination-hoping experience will not allow you to do. 

A slow-down experience does not include cramming in your travel itinerary stops at as many attractions as possible.

At the end of your travel experience, you will have the satisfaction of identifying what makes you feel most alive and connected - whether it is with nature, immersing yourself in the art scenes of your destination, vising monuments, and historical sites, or it could be slowing down to take in all what your destination has in store for you. 

When planning for your holiday, make responsible travel a priority. This could include carrying environmentally friendly water bottles, having a trash carrier, walking on marked paths, eating eco-friendly food, choosing culturally sensitive tours, and considering booking minority-owned rentals to boost the economic lifestyle of the locals. 

And with the hard economic times, combine your vacation with a business trip, if your employment comes with travelling. This is a great way to save money and add convenience to your travels. This goes for both local and international travel.

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