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Graduation outfit ideas you must consider

 A short dress will always do the magic (Courtesy)

All around the world, graduations exist to mark an initiation to the stage of life in the academic arena. Well, the best ones are no doubt campus graduations. They are like wedding ceremonies where your parents give you away to strangers only this time they are giving you a way to adult life- paying bills, rent and many endless needs.

Other than being an initiation ceremony, graduation is also the only day you get to ‘show off’ for the last time to your classmates and friends. To look the part, you need to be outstanding.

Joyce Achieng’, a stylist with Rage Craze, shares options and tips on how to look your best by choosing the perfect outfit for your big day:

 You will never have it wrong by designing your own outfit (Photo: qillian_saiya)
 (Photo: qillian_saiya)

Go custom made

Get a tailor to personally put your dress or outfit together, avoid buying readymade clothes. They are everywhere, if you can spot it on a boutique, a million more people can see it as well. You can never go wrong by designing your own outfit.

Go the Ankara way

African outfits never go out of style. Designing the outfit yourself is an added advantage to be unique and to bring out your personal style. However, don’t do a maxi skirt or a maxi dress, the gown plus your maxis will be too much. Try a short Ankara dress or top that you can match with a pencil skirt or khaki pencil trouser.

 Ankara will never dissapoint (Photo: Pinterest)

Do suits

Suits are the new black. Suits are fresh and when properly styled, will always look chic. Do not get an oversize suit that will only make you look old. Instead, get the perfect size suit that will magnify your awesomeness. Also, avoid extra bright colours that will pick up dust before the end of the day, we all know how our graduation squares are. Go for subtle colours.

Stilettos for the go

Most ladies seek comfort in doll shoes during this big day, well, that gown needs all the respect it can get. Stilettos are everything, when unveiling your outfit, you need to be looking exquisite from top to bottom. Graduation photos will last a lifetime. However, you can carry an extra pair of flats, just in case.

 Stilettos add sophistication to your overall look (Photo: Actress Eva Longoria)

Apart from what works for your graduation outfit, there are also a few ‘areas’ you need to avoid especially when shopping for your outfit. Belo are some of the things you should avoid so as to make the best of your big day’s outfit:

Bodycon dresses

Run away! This is a trap, everyone will be in one of these, especially the readymade ones in every boutique in town. You have weeks and weeks to think of this day, don’t mess it up by being mainstream.

Chunky heels

They are easy to walk in and hence the craze but not unless your graduation day is a free exhibition for these shoes, avoid them like a plague.

Jeans trousers

Why waste a whole four years only to pick your honours in a jeans outfit? Where is the class that comes with that degree? Respect the process. Graduation is a huge step in life.

Avoid human hair wigs

For the obvious reason- you will be sweating like crazy. Poorly selected wigs also look ridiculous. Not all wigs are hideous, but if you cannot afford to install a proper wig, go for an alternative hairstyle.

If you were to choose just one colour for your entire life, which one would you choose? (and why)

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