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Ways to stop indecision in its tracks

Though tough, making decisions does not have to be time consuming (Shutterstock)

Indecision can cause things in your life to grind to a halt. Making decisions can be difficult but does not have to be time consuming. Creating a strategy to apply when faced with tough choices can help you avoid decision fatigue.

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1. Use habits to create routines

Habits can help you avoid having to constantly make decisions. Minor decisions such as what to cook for dinner or picking out holiday destinations can be completely eradicated by routines.

Having routines and plans can help you avoid indecision (Shutterstock)

2. Creating Pros and Cons Lists

Harder decisions can be made by weighing the pros and cons of different options to help you see the likely outcomes of your decisions.

3. Set a deadline

Set a physical deadline, down to the day and time, and calendar a reminder. This will deter avoidance, helping you make decisions in a timely manner and avoid the fallout from procrastination.


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