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Michelle Obama rocks her natural curls

Michelle Obama wore her natural hair out for the Essence Festival (Photo: Instagram @michelleobama)

Former First Lady of The United States of America (FLOTUS) turned author Michelle Obama, this weekend wore her natural hair out while at the Essence Festival held in New Orleans, USA.

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The former FLOTUS was interviewed by Gayle King during the festival (Photo: Instagram @michelleobama)

Previously, the Becoming author has been wearing straighter hairstyles of varying lengths.

Obama is more popularly known for her straighter hairstyles (Photo: Instagram @michelleobama)

From time to time she would change it up by adding a few loose waves and even bangs.

She sometimes changes her look by adding bangs (Photo: Instagram @michelleobama)

But with this new do, Mrs. Obama, like many other celebrities, seems to be embracing a more natural hairstyle paying tribute to her African roots.

She is now embracing her natural hair which she wore with blonde highlights (Photo: Instagram @michelleobama)

What do you think of this new hairstyle?

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