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How to pull off an office romance

Yes. We are going there!

You have been working with Mr Sir for quite sometime and we know when an individual spends a large amount of time with another, feelings are bound to develop. Love has no boundaries after all. But the issue is you are coworkers and fraternization is frowned upon, how do you hack it?

1.Terms and Conditions

The two of you need to sit down and establish rules to be followed especially when in the office. You are trying to keep this a secret so the code of conduct is essential. You have now engaged yourself in an undercover mission, Tom Cruise level of undercover and you need to act accordingly. These rules are but not limited to: interaction in the office, time of meeting, place of meeting, sexual health, duration of activity etc

2.Tell no one

When gossiping with your coworkers about your bosses and how their spouses do this and that, at any one moment do not disclose that you and Mr Sir have been sharing a blanket and mattress. Keep this dirty little secret between you and the Lord. You may think Jane from Finance is your good friend but she isn’t, she will snitch on you to HR faster than you can say secret. Because just like all the other women in the office, she wants a piece of Mr Sir.

3.Don't make it obvious

Yes, Mr Sir had your legs dangling on his shoulders last night but nobody else needs to know. If you meet by the coffee machine in the morning, give him a casual hello, no lingering hug or googly eyes. Also stay away from suggestive comments like “ohh I know what you were up to last night..” This is an undercover operation; you are Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible remember? Also don’t sit with him during lunch if you never did before, stay away from his office, don’t call him on the office extension. Basically, you two are strangers in the office.

4.No hancky pancky in the office

You might be tempted to explore this new passion in the corners of the office and storage closets. DON’T! Keep the intimate activities strictly for outside the office. Movies have lied to you that you can misbehave in the storage room and no one will notice, well that room is not soundproof and judging by Mr Sir’s height and body build, screaming is part of your activity. Don’t get yourself fired, wait until you both get off work then you can go at it, be jackrabbits all you want.


Jealousy is the destroyer of all good things and propeller of all the bad or however the old saying goes. It is inevitable that jealousy will creep into this new relationship of sorts. Mr Sir will see you interacting with Jason from Accounts and his inner caveman makes an appearance. Or you see Mr Sir chatting it up with Claire from IT and you want to wrap a laptop charger around her neck. It’s human nature to exude dominance on one another especially after sleeping together.

Try to tame the jealousy because if it’s too out there, people will begin to ask questions.

6. If it ends

A large percentage of office romances end in a couple of months. The reasons vary and whatever the case, walk away peacefully. Don’t insist on continuing if the other party isn’t for it. It may hurt seeing them just prance up and down the office all jolly and happy but you knew what you were getting yourself into from the beginning. Another thing, this does not give you leeway to start bad mouthing them to your other co-workers. You started the relationship amicably, now end it just the same.

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There you have it, a few tips to have yourself a successful office romance without having to face the wrath of HR. You never know, maybe Jason from Accounts is your future baby daddy, give the dorky chap a chance.

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